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PHCCI members in general are covered with a mortuary plan from CLIMBS up to the amount of PHP50,000.00 per year depending on the premium contributed by the specific member. However, some members may find this insurance coverage inadequate. Thus, PHCCI, as a microinsurance agent of CLIMBS, offers the following life insurance products and/or services.

Group Accidental Death Disablement & Dismemberment Insurance (GADDI)

Yearly renewable. 16 to 69 years old. Exit age 70 years old

Coop Family Plan

Designed to give protection to all the family of the member. Yearly renewable. 18 to 69 years old at last birthday (age entry to the plan). Their legitimate children age from 1 to 17 may also participate. If no minor children, the eligible children slots might be given to the family members up to 4th civil degree.


Group yearly renewable term. 18 to 69 yrs old; exit age 70 yrs old. Accident coverage with Life and Funeral insurance. Funeral assistance may be converted to cash up to 50%.

CLIMBS Life Plan

A partnership with the Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes and Philippine Mortuary Association. Renewable Yearly. 6 months contestability on pre-existing illness. May be converted to cash up to 100% of the coverage.

PHCCI Family Plan

It requires a minimum maintaining balance of five hundred pesos (P500.00) plus (P50.00) passbook fee. It starts to earn annual interest at 2,500.01 with a rate that varies based on the amount of the average daily balance (ADB) placed. The applicable annual interest is computed and posted on a monthly basis.

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PHCCI offers affordable loan interest rates.

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Rules and Guidelines for PINTA, KAABAG!

  1. Pinta, Kaabag! Is an online competition geared to curate designs from various professional and amateur digital artists (open to both members and non-members) depicting the theme for this year: “LEADING A ROBUST FUTURE FOR THE COOP MOVEMENT.”
  2. All entries are restricted only to digital painting and all forms of computer-generated graphics. Any software can be used to create entries. Animated or moving GIFs are not accepted.
  3. Participants must accomplish the contest registration form:
  4. All entries should be submitted to the link provided on or before April 11, 2023 11:59 PM.
  5. Each participant is allowed to submit one entry only.
  6. Accepted rendered formats are: JPG or PNG. The raw file file (.psd or .ai or etc) of entry must also be submitted.
  7. All entries must be submitted with SUBJECT: PINTA, KAABAG + LAST NAME follow file format: TITLE OF ARTWORK_First Name and Last Name.jpg or TITLE OF ARTWORK_First Name and Last Name.png
  8. Entries should be at least 420mm x 594mm (vertical), 300 ppi for raw file, 72ppi for rendered.
  9. Entries sent to previous digital art contests, art used for commerce, artworks infringing intellectual property will be disqualified.
  10. Criteria for Judging: Relevance to the Theme 30%, Originality/Creativity 30%, Technical Excellence 20%, Composition and Elements 20%, Total 100%. Brief description of entry will also be considered in the judging. Shortlisting will be done to come up with the Top10 entries. Qualifiers will proceed with the final judging on April 14, 2023, 1 PM at the 4th Floor Conference Room, PHCCI Building, San Jose Extension, Dumaguete City.
  11. The following are the prizes for the Top 10: First Place P5,000.00Second Place 3,000.00, Third Place 2,000.00, Consolation Prize 1,000.00.

  12. All designs will be presented on April 14, 2023 during the Presscon Event at the PHCCI Fr. O'Connell Board Room, 2nd Floor PHCCI Building, San Jose Extension, Dumaguete City.
  13. Winners will be announced on April 16, 2023 during the Pasikat, Kaabag Closing Ceremonies.
  14. All entries may be used as collaterals by PHCCI, release clause is applicable at the time of registration.
  15. Winner may also be contracted as designer for PHCCI T-shirts or related collaterals.

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