Metrobank Payment Guide

Visit your nearest Metrobank branch at your own convenience.

  • Go to the nearest / most convenient Metropolitan
  • Get a copy of Metrobank’s Payment Slip and accomplished the required information / details:
  • A. Company Name:

    B. Subscribers Name:
    JUAN DELA CRUZ (Member’s Name)

    C. Reference No:
    SHARECAPITAL (Type of Payment)

    D. Subscriber No::
    010021613 (Member’s 10 Digit Number)

    E. Telephone No. / Other Details:

    F. Mode of Payment:
    Cash/Check/Debit Account

    G. Amount of Payment:
    (In Figures) Php XXXXX.XX; (In Words) Ten Thousand Pesos)

    H. Payment Details (Cash or Check Payment Breakdown):

    *Note: Slips are to be accomplished in duplicate copies.

  • Present payment slip to MBTC tellers together with cash/check.
  • Once validated, MBTC Teller will give client a validated copy.
  • Before leaving, check & verify the copy received (Payment slip serves as proof of payment).

  • *Note: Posting of the deposit will be done on the next working day.

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